Wednesday, August 17, 2005

.: PIKOM awards :.

hehehehehe, okay whateverr, this stuff is due ages ago but i thought a lil bit of updates wont harm nobody...i am very greatful, honoured, thankful and owe that much to UNITEN for selecting me to be Uniten's Best IT Student for PIKOM awards 2004. My thanks goes especially to Pn Sulfeeza, the board panels- Mr Salman, Mr Yunus, Dr JJ, Pn Azizah and to my AA Mr Rahim who is unfortunately AWAY in France. To both my parents who supports in what ever things i did and whose there to love and care. Thank GOD the almighty for the kindness and gratitude. To all my friends- u know who u are, thanks for being with me all along. Enclosed are some of the pictures during the awards ceremony which took place at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur....

.: I'm back and here to stay

hey people i'm back, it has been like ages but now i'm here to rot. I'm so like 'malas' to do this posting or blogging whatever u like to call em but i guess its not a bad practice at all. This blog is gonna be somewhat rocking cause i got style. hahaah got it 'STYLE' do you....aaaah there i go, AGAIN, this week is a tough one for me but i bet the next one is gonna be a lot more tougher.GRIMM.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

.: The Grudge - Prequal :.

fuh.. doesn't that scare the shit outta ya..hahaha just playing silly...took this picture using the night vision effect of the ha

.: E-Genting Workshop :.

Tadi ader workshop regarding the e-genting competitions that will be held on the 30th this end month. Fuh susah giler, its a fact that codings gives the creep outta me, very confusing. The workshop was indeed tiresome, and about the competition i just dont know, i dont think i have 'it' to do well in the latter competition. Its going to be darn hard since its an 8 hours long competition, imagine that. Should i go for it or should i not, hmmm what do you think.....??

Friday, October 15, 2004

.: Its official :.

Hey what's up guys n gals. I am now an official blog member. Never thought that it would be this easy. Anyhow, i'm not quite familiar with all the commands and functions of this blogger thingy so please you guys, if there is any do's or dont's, feel free to drop by n name it.......tchuss

.: Ramadhan :.

The fasting month of Ramadhan is finally here and the first fasting day is always the worst. Why? I dont know maybe i'm just not used to it yet.. i did nothing much for start. Just keeping myself lazy, had a very long nap, took several hours in the shower (dehydration okay bukan minum air) and yaa basically thats it..hehehe. Anyways, i simply love Ramadhan sebab i dont have to spend my money on breakfast and lunch hehehe. To all Muslim friends and families Happy Ramadhan and jgn curik makan okay..

.: Finals: viel gluck :.

Today is Friday, 15th...hmmm next week would be the so called study week....studylah sangat, believe it or not time flies really damn fast especially when you're having the time of your life....sigh. Finals!! Its finally here, just around the corner..dont know if i'm up for it........been very busy lately with all the assignments, projects plus the neverending presentations!! Life was a bit hectic for the past few weeks. Damn it, i'm so not ready for this, it seems that i got about a week or so to prepare for the final battle...anyways time is never an excuse to gambatte kudasai( its japanese for good luck i guess....)